Welcome to Honey Hush Boutique

Welcome to Honey Hush Boutique

Honey Hush Boutique is a fun, trendy boutique located in Ruston, Louisiana. Our #1 goal is to offer the trendiest clothing, shoes, and accessories for an affordable price in sizes small-3X.

We also offer instore VIP parties that are a BLAST! Call your girlfriends, chill the wine, and shop VIP style at our location.


 Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry

About Permanent Jewelry

Also referred to as forever jewelry or endless chains, permanent jewelry is a fun and creative way to accessorize! These pieces are 14K Gold or Sterling Silver which means you can wear them all the time, no need to take them off to go to the beach, pool, or shower.   We can't wait to LINK with you!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

A beautiful custom fit piece that is welded onto your wrist, ankle, neck, or as a body chain that requires no maintenance. These dainty pieces are measured to fit and are perfect for your everyday wear.  Yes you can live in your permanent jewelry!

What does "Permanent Jewelry" mean?

Permanent jewelry doesn't have clasps. Because the piece is welded together, it will "permanently" stay on until you decide to remove it. That means you choose how long you rock your beautiful permanent pieces. The welding process is painless and takes just seconds.

What do I do if my piece breaks?

If it breaks where welded within the first 14 days of purchase, we will repair it for free. If for some reason you break your piece and it is reusable, we can reweld it for a $25 fee.

What if I need to take it off?

We like to think of these pieces as permanent, but they can be safely removed by cutting with scissors at the point of the weld. No need to come back in to remove them.

How do I care for my piece?

Although these pieces are 14K gold or sterling silver you do have to clean them from time to time. We suggest warm water and a polishing cloth. We also suggest cleaning specifically after applying sunscreen, exposure to chlorine, or any other situation that could dull your sparkle! You will be sent home with a polishing cloth with your purchase.

How do I get LINKED?

We offer permanent jewelry everyday at our Ruston, La location. We are located at 3640 Highway 33 inside the Blades Electric Company office building. We are looking forward to attending some pop up events. Grab your friends and come get LINKED today!

 Permanent Jewelry In-Store & Pop Ups

Permanent Jewelry In-Store & Pop Ups

We offer permanent jewelry instore by appointment or walk-in. We do ask that you call or dm us to make sure that we are properly staffed for the service.

We are excited to start bringing our permanent jewelry to your area. Message us today to suggest your town, business, or birthday party ❤️